How Storytelling Helped Richard Branson Become a Billionaire

Virgin’s founder on on taking risks, finding stories, and reading Where the Wild Things Are… to a young couple in bed.

When most people hear the name Sir Richard Branson, they think of the high-flying, big-smiling mogul who’s left his irreverent imprint on the worlds of music, air travel, and a host of other completely unrelated industries—while defying everything you learn in business school in the process.

But few know, or at least recall, that the billionaire Virgin Group founder got his start as a professional storyteller. Yes, in the swinging ’60s, an ambitious teenage Branson dropped out of high school to pursue his magazine venture, Student, an effort to give youth culture a voice and an outlet to protest the Vietnam War at a time when Snapchat and Periscope weren’t readily available. Read more

Källa: How Storytelling Helped Richard Branson Become a Billionaire

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